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Malachi: The Last Word | Oct. 15-Nov. 12

Imagine a huge, cosmic press conference with God at the center podium. What would God say about the state of humanity? What questions would people shout out from the crowd?

The book of Malachi allows us to witness such a dialogue between God and the nation of Israel. Although Malachi records a conversation that took place over 2,400 years ago, it addresses issues we still struggle with today. The questions shouted at God are from a different era, but their tone and substance are familiar.

How has God shown his love?
Where is the God of justice?
Why does God seem distant?

Here at the very end of the Old Testament, God’s people are doubting his love, questioning his goodness and making excuses for their disloyalty, but God gets the last word. And while it is a word that challenges and indicts, it is a word that ultimately reassures.

God’s faithful love for us endures — then, now and forever.

Sundays at 9:30 and 11:15 am | 2801 Orchid Dr, McKinney

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