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Bruce’s Sabbatical

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Bruce’s Sabbatical

This year we celebrate 20 years of being a church and still being all about Jesus!

During these past two decades (and long before then) we’ve seen our founding senior pastor, Bruce, pour himself into planning and launching this church, preaching, leading, shepherding, envisioning, and bearing the mantle of leadership 24/7. He is a tireless worker in the gospel!

Jesus modeled taking time away from ministry for solitude and recharging with his Father, and many other pastors have followed this example by taking an extended time away with God. Likewise, Bruce will be taking a sabbatical roughly June through September and will return to the ministry of Christ Fellowship on Monday, Oct. 9.

During this time, “church” will continue. Designated staff members and leaders are excited to have an opportunity to preach, lead and shepherd Christ Fellowship. We will grow in Christ through a series on Ephesians that you will not want to miss!

Join us in praying for Bruce during this special time that he will return refreshed and all the more emboldened for the gospel to lead us forward into the next 20 years and beyond!


Is Bruce coming back?
Yes, of course! His first day back is Monday, Oct. 9. That gives us plenty of time to T.P. his office and move all of his desk drawers around.

Is Bruce sick? Or in trouble?
Not at all. Bruce is healthy and has a strong and deep relationship with God and with his family. We simply want to bless him with what Christ himself has patterned for us.

What will he do while he’s gone?
We realize that “deep spiritual rest” and “finding a fresh, deeper connection with God” isn’t very concrete, but that’s about the gist of it. That’s what Bruce has asked us to pray for.

Being a goal-driven, high-activity guy, we did provide a few guidelines on what he won’t be doing: focusing on a new skill, undertaking a new project or redefining goals for an aspect of the church. Because let’s face it – that’s still work and defeats the purpose of a sabbatical.

What will his wife, Tamara, do with Bruce home during this time?
Tamara is enjoying a special project that allows her to work remotely, enabling her to be with Bruce most of the time. Together, they are also taking special time to be refreshed as a couple.

If I have an urgent issue, can I call or email Bruce?
In order to fulfill the intended purpose of his sabbatical, Bruce will be disconnected from email and cell phone. You can take comfort in knowing that God has provided and equipped our leadership team and they are able to address and minister to the needs of his church and church family. We request that any urgent issues be brought to one of our pastoral leadership team members. We are here for you.

How does this affect me?
We sure hope it doesn’t! Christ Fellowship has an extremely capable team and can make decisions in their areas of ministry. Have any questions we didn’t cover? Contact Jaime Gonzalez at 972.547.7055 or or any of the elders or pastors.

Bruce and Dave provide a fun update on Bruce’s sabbatical