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Community Impact Ministries Offering

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Community Impact Ministry (CIM) Offering

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When you financially support the Community Impact Ministry, you are funding hands-on ministries that impact people at their greatest felt needs. You are enhancing the slow work of bringing biblical justice to all – caring for the widow, orphaned, poor and under-served – that all may flourish as God intended.

Next year’s Community Impact Ministry budget is primarily supported from offerings from the Thanksgiving Share Service, though you may give at any time.

Here’s some of the exciting ministry we’ve planned for us in 2019:

  1. 3e United has been re-launched as a Christian Community Development organization. 3e is focused on the difficult and slow work of bringing human flourishing to all in our community. 3e is positioned to be the HUB for addressing chronic issues in the seven streams (or domains) of society.
  2. Continue our relationship with Webb Elementary its teachers and students.
  3. Continue Christmas Care Angels & Christmas Gift Boxes as our large Holiday Event.
  4. Provide continuing education via conferences, seminars, hosting authors & speakers on today’s cultural issues.
  5. Seasonal serve opportunities for the whole family that align with our Crisis vs. Chronic principles.
  6. Support local non-profits, Christian ministries and shelters through volunteers and funding.
  7. Expand our new city-wide ministries for Holistic Discipleship designed for low-income people.
    1. Faith and Finances course by Chalmers Center.
    2. Work Life course by Chalmers Center.
    3. Clothe-aChild year-round ministry.
  8. Equip our Body with tools to serve in their God’s given Calling with principles & opportunities.