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Equipping for Impact

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Equipping for Impact | Saturday, August 12

God has uniquely gifted each of us with skills and abilities that can make an impact on others. Join us for Equipping for Impact, a half-day conference that gives you opportunities to develop your gifts so you’re better equipped to make an impact for Christ.

Choose from a variety of workshops ranging in topics from serving with any of our ministries to storytelling to discovering your unique style of influence – all designed to help you grow in areas that you’d like to serve in or are already playing a part.

Free training • Free lunch • Free childcare

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Childcare is free, but requires separate registration
Nations Coffee will be open during this conference


Brushing up on Facilitation Skills
We will review how to have a rewarding small group discussion, focusing on key skills for maximum participation and retention.

Ministering to Children of Divorce
Do you have a heart for hurting children? Learn about the impact of divorce on kids and how you can help them understand what’s happening in their family, find stability in a relationship with Jesus, and learn to identify and express their emotions appropriately. Learn about DivorceCare for Kids, a divorce recovery seminar for children ages 5 to 11, and how you can be a part of this ministry

Ministering to Those Who Have Lost a Loved One
One of the hardest things in life is to lose a loved one to death. Every mourner needs a person to accompany them through the recovery process. Someone to help them honor the one who is gone, to share the pain and memories, to kindle afresh new hope and to courageously face the life to come. Learn how to be this kind of comforter by attending the GriefShare facilitator training.

FRONTLINE – All Welcome – People of Grace
The Frontline team is truly the first impression people have of Christ Fellowship and is responsible for making guests feel comfortable and welcome, as well as making their first step to worship an easy and pleasant experience. This team has the opportunity to truly change someone’s worship experience by the way they greet. Our time will be spent understanding the role frontline plays in being “All welcome, all in” for Jesus.

Life Group Workshop
This is one of three workshops during the year to equip, update and encourage Life Group leaders. Our focus will be on building a stronger sense of community in your group and helping people to grow.

Personality Presentation I: Connection and Communication
Personality has proven its ability to shape our perceptions, choices and communication. Do you want to tap into people’s motivations to help them make wise choices? Then come hear Vinny Gerace of Wired Within give a general overview of the Process Communication Model. The only language-based perception and choice prediction model in the world and (of course) it conforms to the truth of the scripture concerning man and his needs. It is simply the best way to understand how and why people connect and communicate

Personality Presentation II: Helping Distressed People
Personality not only shapes our perceptions, choices and communication, when our mind runs out of energy we go into a state called “DISTRESS.” Distress with the children, the spouse, the co-workers, the church and even God. Distress leads to judgment of others, manipulation, misunderstanding and separation that results in emotional pain, distance and isolation. You can learn to lift each other up out of this bondage by tapping into their God-given motivations so they can make wiser relational choices. Do you want to learn to be a peacemaker in the name of the Prince of Peace? Then come hear Vinny Gerace give a detail description of DISTRESS – why it happens, how it happens and what you can do to stay out of it and help others get out of it!

Personality Workshop I: Effective Classroom Management
Personality has six different perceptions, 720 possible structures, three levels of distress, nine psychological needs, etc. If you are thinking, “The theory is complex and powerful, but now you need to land the plane and give me tools!” (or something like that), this is the workshop for you! Vinny Gerace from Wired Within will help you take a “lesson” that you would then teach and add just the right trail of bread crumbs to lead your entire class through the learning process.

Promiseland Orientation
If you’re new to Promiseland or have been serving for a while and have not attended our orientation, this workshop is for you! You will gain insight into why Promiseland does what it does and how we serve our children and families

Worship Technology: Why and How
This session will communicate the value of technology and how we utilize audio, video, lighting and stage design to support the overall worship experience that happens on and off campus.

Holistic Worship Vision
What is the Worship Vision at Christ Fellowship? We want to tell you: who we are, where we’ve been, what is changing, and what’s ahead. If you’re already involved with the ministry we need you there! Not a part of this ministry yet, but interested? … come join us!

Primera Impresion
Vision casting, philosophy and recruitment for Spanish Ministry Frontlines.

Free training • Free lunch • Free childcare

Register Now
Childcare is free, but requires separate registration
Nations Coffee will be open during this conference