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Connect in a Group

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Connect in a Group
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Everyone should be a part of a group! Groups are simply the best place for us to grow in our faith – growing together in close relationships.

We have various groups designed for special stages of life and individual needs. Find one that works for you – today!

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Life Groups

Life Groups are our fullest expression of biblical community.

Everyone needs to belong to a family. Life Groups provide a place for people to fully engage with others, build deep friendships and experience life together, just like family.

As Life Group families grow numerically, they expand to create new groups to share the privilege of community with more and more people.

In Life Groups, people study God’s Word, care for one another, grow together and seek ways to serve others beyond the group. Groups typically meet year-round in host homes.

We provide subsidized childcare to help parents/guardians participate in Life Groups. Check out our childcare options

The Academy

The Academy is designed to help you grow spiritually in a group setting. Topics might include Marriage, Parenting, Stewardship, Basic Bible Truths and Advanced Theology. We also partner with Dallas Theological Seminary to offer select courses.

Care and Support Groups

Experience health and healing in an atmosphere of loving acceptance, compassionate understanding and gracious accountability for issues related to:


Life Stage Groups

We have various groups that are gender-specific or designed for special stages of life:

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