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Impact Others

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Impact Others
potential NeXt Steps

You can live out your faith in tangible ways. We can be “missional” – living as people sent by Christ to help others find and follow him.

Daily Life | Home and Work

Teach your family Bible stories

Share the gospel/personal testimony

Pray for a friend/co-worker who doesn’t know Christ

Church | Groups and Gatherings

Find a small group of family to belong to

Serve during a Sunday worship service

Find an ongoing place to serve

World | Neighbors and Nations

Serve at VBS, tutor kids at Webb Elementary or volunteer at Clothe a Child

Serve at a 3e McKinney event that helps people in our community

Go on a short–term mission trip

Sponsor a child or fund a project in Uganda, Africa

Visit our Living on Mission page to see how you can join other Christ Fellowship members who are living out their calling and passion

We have a website dedicated to helping match up people who want to help, with people and organizations in need. Visit Meet a Need

Check out Volunteer for more ideas or resources on how you can impact others at Christ Fellowship.
Not sure what your next step is? Try this Self-Check Tool