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Process to Become an Elder

Church Online

Process to Become an Elder at Christ Fellowship

Prayerful identification by current elders

  • Current elders pray through possible candidates for a considerable time.
  • Elders personally spend time with a candidate during the prayer process before the person is aware he might be a candidate.
  • Elders consider the giving and serving of elder candidates.

Decision to proceed with evaluation

  • The elders empower the senior pastor to approach the candidate to ask if he would be willing to serve and explain the process of evaluation to him, and to his wife if he is married.
  • Candidate prays about the decision of proceeding with the evaluation process. If married, husband and wife must be in agreement to go forward.

Confidential evaluation and meeting with elders

  • Candidate fills out an evaluation on himself as does his wife based on the qualities listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • Elders and designated staff leadership team fill out evaluations; results provided to elders in advance of meeting with candidate.
  • Candidate and wife meet with the elders to discuss potential future role as an elder at Christ Fellowship. After the candidate leaves the meeting, elders will decide whether to continue the process in a more public way (the process is confidential until this point).

Open Evaluations

  • Candidate’s Group fills out evaluations.
  • Service team members who have worked with him fill out evaluations.
  • Pastoral Staff who know him fill out evaluations.
  • Contact is made with some in the business community to verify the candidate’s reputation with those outside the church.

Presentation to Church Family

  • Present the candidate to the church body for final approval in worship services. If anyone has an issue why the candidate should not be an elder they are to contact senior pastor personally.
  • Present the new elder to the Church in worship services.