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Responsibilities of Elders

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Responsibilities of Christ Fellowship Elders

provide overall direction and final authority

Personally model Christ-like living

  • Elders model people helping people find and follow Christ
  • Each elder ministers to each other in intentional spiritual friendships
  • Elders model Christlikeness by growing and impacting for Christ as ones who know, trust, and obey God, giving generously, serving selflessly and reproducing regularly

Pray and Study the Word of God

  • Pray for Christ Fellowship and for those in need of healing
  • Study the Word to grow personally and for the church’s health

Oversee health of the body

  • Provide ultimate authority for the church
  • Resolve difficult conflicts, sin issues; oversee restoration

Give overall direction

  • Set the overall direction of the church
  • Have authority to change church by-laws
  • Guard doctrine, mission, identity, culture; approve white papers
  • Provide input into church communication
  • Approve large decisions, new ventures, new campuses
  • Establish church-wide policies
  • Review church metrics and cultural marks
  • Appoint new elders

Care for the senior pastor

  • Hold accountable and support as a friend and confidant
  • Provide objective input towards church direction
  • Conduct an annual review
  • Provide accountability for broader kingdom ministry
  • Set compensation; hire and fire

Care for the staff

  • Direct compensation for paid staff; set a salary grid
  • Approve hires of direct reports to senior pastor
  • Oversee fulfillment of staff reviews
  • Provide oversight of office staff culture and working environment
  • Provide input, recommendations and approval of staff benefits

Carry out fiduciary responsibility

  • Set and approve the budget oversee its implementation
  • Approve large expenditures including capital projects
  • Responsible for financial stewardship
  • Meet annually with an external auditor to review operations
  • Ordain pastors and approve housing allowances
  • Approve proposed legal contracts
  • Approve proposed designated giving and mission trips