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Senior Council

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Senior Council of former Christ Fellowship Elders

  • Participation as a Senior Council member will allow these elders who have reached the 65 age limit to have membership as long as they don’t move outside of the area, actively participate in council activities on behalf of Christ Fellowship, and regularly join in church meetings and services.
  • While those on the Senior Council will not attend all the elder meetings, members will continue to receive the Elder Team meeting minutes following each scheduled meeting.
  • On an ongoing basis, members of the Council will be invited to provide input to the Elder Team on church issues via email to the Elder Team.
  • The Council members will be invited to attend the opening half hour of the last elders’ meeting of each quarter, to join the opening period of prayer, and to share any observations or areas of need to which they have become aware.
  • The Senior Council members will be invited to attend an annual pre-retreat dinner, during the week prior to the elders’ retreat, to provide input directly to the elders concerning church matters.
  • Additionally, prior to July, the Senior Council members will be invited to an informal meeting for prayer and discussion with the current elders. A dinner will follow this time with wives of the existing Elder Team and Senior Council members invited to attend. The timing of this meeting and dinner will coincide with Bruce’s summer time of reflection, which all elders and Senior Council members are encouraged to participate in individually on behalf of the church.
  • Senior Council members will receive briefing papers on issues (as they are produced) prior to major directional announcements given to the church leadership and congregation. These briefing papers will be sent to them ahead of general circulation directly from the Senior Pastor.
  • Finally, the Senior Council will be personally consulted from time to time for input into various church matters to assist the Elder Team and in support of overall church communication prior to leadership and congregation communication decision points.