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Timothy Program

Church Online

Christ Fellowship Elder Timothy Program

Purpose: to help develop emerging young leaders to be future elders, pastors or missionaries by exposing them to the working of our elder team for one year.

Target: young men who have potential for significant future leadership.


  • not a new convert
  • basic discipleship in place, established as a believer
  • giving to the church
  • serving in the church bearing leadership responsibilities
  • in a LifeGroup
  • endorsed, sponsored by a current elder
  • been in Christ Fellowship for at least 12 months
  • potential for future eldership or similar leadership
  • moving toward qualifications of an elder, no large gaps
  • not a Christ Fellowship elder candidate in the next 3 years.
  • be a person of high confidentiality
  • if married, have full support of spouse
  • able to fully participate for most of the year


  • meet with the elders in all regular meetings for 12 months
  • occasionally excuse self for sensitive issues such as personnel matters
  • meet with our elder life group for 12 months
  • attend elder retreat (2-3 days)
  • meet one on one with each elder twice to talk personally about the role of an elder and gain their input for personal growth (1 per month) at your initiation.
  • read Gene Getz’ book, Elders and Leaders, and study all New Testament passages on leadership; discuss these with the elders in a special summer meeting.
  • write a pre-experience report on what you hope to gain; write a report at the end on what God has taught you in 12 months and giving input on how to improve the Timothy experience; share each with the elders.


  • Start in July or January.
  • No more than two at a time, or so elders and “timothys” are at most 10.