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Dave Lewis

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DaveLewis_LargeDave Lewis – Elder

Phone: 972.838.5451
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What Dave Lewis is about:
As an early member of Christ Fellowship’s elder team, it’s been very fulfilling over the past years to watch our church grow from about 100 believers and expand in North Texas, and beyond. It is thrilling to be a part of this vibrant Christian community, where lives are being changed within an environment that values transparent expression and personal growth. For 43 years I was married to a wonderful Christian woman, and together we raised four delightful daughters — all who’ve completed university, are married, and are currently raising families. Yet, in 2013, my wife suddenly passed away, to my great surprise and loss. Two and a half months later, my youngest daughter, at age 31, with three small children, lost her Christian husband to brain cancer. These experiences drew me closer to the most important relationship, with the most significant person of all time. In Psalm 23, we’re told he desires to be our life’s Shepherd. He has the ability to take us to lush pastures, lead us to refreshing waters, and whose presence doesn’t leave even in the darkest valleys (verses 2 and 4).

During my work years, I enjoyed a career of almost 30 years with Lennox International Inc. I left my corporate position, Vice President of Government Affairs, and ventured into early retirement in 2007. This change in direction has allowed me to experience a very fulfilling ‘last-half’ of my life. In 2004, before I left Lennox, I formed and headed a corporation for eight years, opening the door to start a coffee house in central China. Ultimately, we had two outlets, one in China and one serving our local community. This was a very rewarding experience, providing opportunity to build valuable relationships, resulting in hundreds of changed lives, thousands of miles away and here at home.

The most recent and surprising change in my life has come with great joy, after being introduced to a wonderful Christian lady who walked faithfully through many similar experiences as me. She very suddenly lost a 31 year old son in 2012, and more recently lost her spouse of 39 years. We’ve come to see that all we’ve walked through during our lives, especially through the difficult four years leading up to our meeting, have made us what we are today and brought us to understand how precious life is. After a brief and wonderful courtship, Sara and I were married at the end of 2015. Together, we now have 32 children, their spouses, and grandchildren. We are experiencing new and wonderful opportunities to reach out to others with the hope and purpose that we’ve come to know.

What Christ Fellowship is about:
Christ Fellowship embraces the ideal of reaching out and welcoming all people – regardless of background, race or income bracket – with the caring message of hope and purpose. Deep down, most everyone is aware that we’re not on this earth to just walk through life and accumulate stuff! Living in a transparent and authentic community, one can learn and grow as common values are shared, allowing each to live fulfilled lives.

At Christ Fellowship, we’re learning how to live out another life. We’re not the same today as we were yesterday. This new life experienced brings fulfillment and joy – for ourselves and others. It is helpful to be around people who have normal life struggles and challenges, yet are committed to transparently sharing this life of hope and purpose. Great value comes when one, counter culturally, sends down deep roots, not being satisfied to live in the “flavor of the month” Christendom. At Christ Fellowship we’re “all in” as a group of Christ followers where there’s a safe space for ones from every background and persuasion to become an integral part of a community seeking to become authentic Christ followers.

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