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Jesse Matlock

Church Online

JesseMatlock_LargeJesse Matlock – Digital Designer

Phone: 972.547.7090
Email Address:

What I Do:
I manage the operations and shepherd the team of our cafe ministry, Nations Coffeehouse. Our vision for the coffeehouse is Christ centered and focused on serving people. We do this by serving each and every customer with the love and joy of Christ, while providing great products at reasonable prices. This vision is further extended into our community as we direct the majority of any proceeds that we generate to our missional life fund. Our team loves coffee, but we love Christ and serving his people the most.

What I Love About Christ Fellowship:
I love the Bible-based, Christ-centered teachings here at Christ Fellowship. But most of all, I really enjoy the ‘small church’ heart that’s shared by everyone here. It’s a big church and sometimes large churches become programatic. Here at Christ Fellowship there are plenty of ‘programs’ to get involved in. But it’s never about the programs. It’s always about the people. What a refreshing change.

How I Ended Up at Christ Fellowship:
My wife, Mary, and I have been praying for God to lead us to a place where our family could thrive, while living in the Pacific Northwest. We visited McKinney, TX and drove by Christ Fellowship on our way through town. I remember one of us making the comment that we should check out the church that coming Sunday – since it was in the general area we were visiting. During that visit we had been researching Christian preschools for our two youngest kids, Maya and Logan. Then we realized that one of the two preschools we’d determined were the best fit for us, was located in Christ Fellowship! Needless to say, when we visited Promiseland Preschool that week and met the director, Karen Stein, we felt at home. We attended service that Sunday and it was clear to us that God had not only led us to a better location with better weather and a better political climate, but also to what would become our church home and the foundation for our kids’ school years.

Before Christ Fellowship:
My wife and I had been involved in ministry, supporting a close pastor/friend in planting two churches – one of which I was the Youth Pastor for as well. We were also involved running our own businesses along the way. Most recently we were blessed with the ability for Mary to be at home with the kids while we owned and operated our marketing company. God has blessed us richly and constantly and it’s through these ministry and business opportunities that we are provided the opportunity to share what Christ has done in, for and through our family.

How I Met Jesus:
I met Jesus at a Christian concert of all places. I know, a little cliché, right? My dad, who was an abusive man when he wasn’t absent, ‘got saved.’ As a young man I didn’t want anything to do with the man that broke my mom’s jaw, her ribs, and beat me as a little five year old son, to the point of bruises head-to-toe and a not-so-fond memory of ‘wound’ photos at the police station. When I heard he ‘became’ a Christian, it almost made me hate him more. Then, slowly, I began to see him change. A close friend of my father, Mylon LeFevre, is a Christian musician and I’d met him, been to some of his concerts, etc. Mylon was used by God in a big way to help my dad see how badly we all need hope in Jesus Christ. While at one of Mylon’s concerts, he made an altar call. I can’t explain it, but I had to go forward. It was like God himself was pulling my heart, right from my chest, towards that stage, to receive him. And so I did. Years later, not only have I been blessed with what God is doing in my life, I have an incredibly loving, humble and strong example of a godly man in my father. I am so proud that he was strong enough to fall to his knees and accept Jesus as his savior. That choice changed his life, my life and the lives of my family. Thank you Lord.

Favorite Bible Verse:
Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse, ft I had to pick just one.

I love spending time with my family doing just about anything outdoors, especially around water; swimming, splash parks, walking, hiking, camping, hammocking and biking. I’m also an amateur BBQ nut, a self-declared grill master and although I don’t prefer to hunt much, I absolutely love target shooting! As a youth, you’d typically find me amongst the friends of our Youth Group water skiing, swimming, rock climbing, cross country skiing, mountain biking and the like.

Random Fun Fact:
In a past life, or before marriage and kids rather, I was a rather active, fit individual. I was a certified personal trainer. I trained in Kenpo Karate and won the Northwest National Open in my weight division :O

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