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Laura McKay

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Laura McKayLaura McKay – Receptionist

Phone: 972.547.7000
Email Address:

What I Do:
I have the great opportunity of helping people find and follow Christ via the church phone and people that walk in the lobby, since I am the first point of contact for many things. Although I am a part of the communications team, I deal with every ministry in some form or fashion.

What I Love About Christ Fellowship:
CF is all about Jesus and it’s my family!

How I Ended Up at Christ Fellowship:
I came from a new age background. Not realizing that all churches didn’t believe what I believed, I began visiting almost every church in McKinney and was disappointed with my findings. I received a mailer from Christ Fellowship, went to the service on Sunday, walked in and told my son “the air is full of positive energy.” Little did I know that it was the Holy Spirit that I was feeling. I’ve never turned back! Thank you Jesus!

Before Christ Fellowship:
I was a heathen and did all the things heathens do.

How I Met Jesus:
Years prior to trusting in Jesus, I met him in a dream. I saw him on the ocean floor and he was calling me with his voice, his eyes and gestures. I dove into the water and swam as hard and as fast as I could, knowing that I would die. I had no fear. I began inhaling water but continued swimming. Right before I came to Jesus, I awoke. I wept knowing that I had almost experienced something great.

I came to know Jesus in a Discovery I class in 1997 when I truly, before my eyes, saw my present life being rolled up like a scroll. And I was being replaced with my new self and life.

Favorite Bible Verse:
Ps. 119:36-37
Prov. 3:5-6
Eph. 6:10-18

Going on adventures with my friend Dee Ann. Seeing my beloved son, Derek grow into a solid man of God! Playing endlessly with my pup.

Random Fun Fact:
I was a cub scout!

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