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Rheanell Farrill

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Rheanell FarrillRheanell Farrill – Director of Prayer

Phone: 925.785.4426
Email Address:

What I Do:
I am the Director of prayer since 2016

What I Love About Christ Fellowship:
From the moment we first attended Christ Fellowship, I felt a connection to the messages and worship. It was like coming home – someplace accepting, loving and warm. The emphasis on the Word of God and the outward expression and desire for a life of purpose to glorify him were contagious.

How I Ended Up at Christ Fellowship:
Our family moved to the McKinney area in 2013 from California. We searched the internet and read the description of CF. it was the only church we looked at because it was a perfect fit from the beginning!

Before Christ Fellowship:
We were active in other churches in Dallas. We began at Walnut Hill UMC, then in Southern CA it was Geneva Presbyterian, and in Northern CA it was Community Presbyterian. Each church has brought us closer to our search for deeper understanding and communion with Jesus.

How I Met Jesus:
I was raised in a Christian home, hearing about him from the beginning, but don’t think I understood a personal connection until a tragedy occurred in `87. I ran into his arms, he was the only one who could save me, protect me, lead me … and he did! I trust him so much! His goodness, mercy, grace and love are unimaginably gracious free gifts I embrace with thanksgiving, humility and joy.

Favorite Bible Verse:
Heb. 29:11; Matt 28:20; 1 John 4:19

Love playing Violin on the Worship Team, I began painting in oils in 2008 and love the process of creating a reflection of the beauty of God’s creation, travel, drawing

Random Fun Fact:
I love to host families in our home!
Party decorations? I’m your girl
Oh, and I can accurately guess who killed the victim in TV shoes and movies – probably about 95% accurate. Sometimes within minutes of beginning to watch the show. Now, if only I could get paid for this random skill.

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