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Tommy Ned, Jr.

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Tommy Ned, Jr. – Student Ministries Associate

Phone: 817.800.2725
Email Address:

What I Do:
I lead student ministry for Christ Fellowship Anna Campus. My role is to lead students and student leaders toward helping others Find and Follow Christ at their schools and throughout our neighborhoods and County.

What I Love About Christ Fellowship:
The Unity. The Christ Fellowship team is all on the same page. Everyone here has their hands in a ministry that is helping others find or find out more about Jesus. The team chemistry is electric and i’m thrilled to be apart of what God has and will continue to do here at CF.

How I Ended Up at Christ Fellowship:
My relationship with Pastor Matt Thielepape. Matt and I have been church colleagues for quite some time and as our relationship matured coupled with our ministry backgrounds naturally that led us to many conversations about Christ, students, culture and how we could impact our communities for God. That relationship has evolved over time and ultimately led me here to Christ Fellowship.

Before Christ Fellowship:
I’ve been caring and serving students for over 7 years. My heart and passion for students has alway been strong. God called me student ministry years ago and every opportunity I get to spend with students It confirms who God has called me to be.

How I Met Jesus:
I accepted Jesus into my heart as a young man. I was attending church on Easter Sunday and the Church production team had put on a play that changed my life for ever. That is when the passion and the drive to serve God with all my heart began.

Favorite Bible Verse:
1 Corinthians 9:19

Music, Football, Basketball

Random Fun Fact: