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Bible Study

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Study Guide

To help you engage God individually and be better prepared for each Sunday’s sermon – we’ve provided a Study Guide, available three ways:

In Print
Pick up a printed copy on Sunday or anytime throughout the week.

Subscribe to the Daily Word and get the Study Guide delivered right to your inbox each morning.

Get a PDF version to read on your computer or mobile devices.

Purchase Every Good Endeavor
With this study guide, you’ll need to purchase Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller. We recommend that you buy online by clicking here.

Previous series’ Study Guide are available on each sermon’s Downloads section. Search sermons by series here

A great way to grow

  1. Use the Study Guide and dive into the Bible daily.
  2. Attend a worship gathering, and hear a message connected to the study.
  3. Connect in a group and discuss how God has been growing you personally.

Download a free Bible App for your Smartphone and take the Word with you wherever you go. For a web based Bible, we recommend

Study Guide Team

Because we write all our own Study Guides, we have a team of authors, editors and proofers dedicated to delivering a sound, quality guide to you for every week of the year.

  • Barry Applewhite
  • Lisa Scheffler
  • Mike Stewart
  • Shelley Frew
  • Bruce Miller