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Missional Life Training Resources

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When working among the poor we desire that our compassionate hearts and the outpouring of our deeds bring healing, help and hope without harmful unintended consequences. We’ve attached a series of one page training PDF’s from resources like “When Helping Hurts,” “Toxic Charity,” and “Charity Detox,” designed to equip you with principles for working among the materially poor. These principles and case studies will equip you to serve among the materially poor in positive ways which increase human dignity, and foster empowerment instead of dependency.

Part 1-The bad news about good works

Part 2-No quick fixes

Part 3-When helping hurts

Part 4-The kingdom that is both here and still coming

Part 5-Take the oath

Part 6-Pick a number between 1 and 3

Part 7-Avoid paternalism

Part 8-Top-Down charity

Part 9-Controlling the lake

Part 10-Service with dignity

Part 11-So What do we do next

Part 12-What a good service project looks like

Community Impact Ministries (CIM) Teams and 2018 Plans [download]