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Areas of Strategic Focus

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Areas of Strategic Focus

Why have a Strategic Focus?

As a local church, we recognize that we are stewards of God’s resources and are accountable to him, but we also recognize that we can’t do everything. We must choose where to invest the resources entrusted to us to make the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God. Those resources could be spread thinly to bless many people, or they could be channeled and focused in such a way as to increase effectiveness in an area or locality. Christ Fellowship, through prayer and discernment to the Lord’s leading of this local body, has chosen to channel our resources through a focused approach. Much like a laser beam concentrates light to cut through metal, so we believe that concentrating our financial, human, and prayer resources on a single strategic region will help to cut through the enemy’s power that has entrapped an entire region for millennia.

How many areas of Strategic Focus can CF have?

The general rule of thumb for being able to support a strategic focus is that a church can only establish one focus at a time. Each strategic initiative will require a period of three to five years to establish. A church can expect to fund and manage one strategic focus for every 1,500 people in attendance. Today, our current attendance allows us to fund and manage one to two areas of focus.

What are our core values?

The Global Ministries Leadership Team embarked on an 18-month process to discern how God was leading Christ Fellowship to be a missional church and what part we were to play in Christ’s Great Commission. We brought in outside consultants, we scheduled quarterly days of prayer, and we studied the Word of God together. The elders and the Global Team engaged in a 12-week study of missions in Scripture. Out of this time we developed our core values for Global Ministries:

  • Church Planting – we believe the Great Commission is fundamentally a call to plant and strengthen vibrant local communities
  • Leadership Development – this is a deep seated value we hold and practice in our focus areas as well as through our partnership with CCBT (Centers of Church-based Training)
  • Direct Evangelism – we desire to be actively involved in ministries which directly promote the Gospel
  • Sending our own Global Workers – we’ve committed to being a sending church
  • Getting our Hands Dirty – we value personal involvement over secondary support


Asia Focus – (est. 2002)

In a collaborative partnership with our Christ Fellowship team on the ground and our partner, pastor Job, we are engaged in the following long-term strategies:

  • Church-based training (intentional pathway of discipleship and leader development)
  • Church planting (mutuality in mentorship of ideas and processes)
  • Church-based sending agency of global workers


Pastor Job served for many years as an orthopedic surgeon and professor of surgery. His wife is Lily, serving as HR manager for a Christian international school. They have a son attending high school in New Mexico. After giving his life to Christ, Job developed a strong passion for the Church. As a young Christian, he began a small group fellowship, which eventually grew into his current church. This is a church of 400 people worshipping in a large metropolitan area. Their vision is to see 1 million families in their province come to Christ. In 2008, three months before a catastrophic earthquake hit, Job founded an association and began to train Christians to respond to natural disasters. In May of 2008, when the earthquake struck, he was able to launch a rapid response with lasting results. Over the following three years, this association raised over $2.4 million USD for earthquake response, and deployed over 3,000 volunteers from 300 churches across Asia (some served for months, others served for more than a year). In his city, they operate the first food bank in Asia. Launched in October 2010, it is staffed by nine volunteers and currently serves 80 families with food for the month. In 2011, Job was honored by the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview with the “Imago Dei” award for his efforts to increase the cooperation and involvement of Asian churches in compassion ministry.

Uganda Focus – (est. 2005)

In collaboration with Victory Living Word Church (Pastor Makumbi Johnson) and our Christ Fellowship team, we are engaged in the following long-term strategies:

  • Leadership development of VLWC’s network of pastors and ministry directors
  • Church planting (to date we have partnered in 15 church plants)
  • Community village development (150 acre property with proposed projects: schools, orphanage, trade school, clinic, church, sports fields, housing, agriculture, businesses)

Makumbi and Anna Johnson

Makumbi and Anna Johnson married Nov. 8, 1958, and have 16 children including 7 biological and 9 adopted children. Makumbi was a witch doctor from a family of witch doctors, and came to faith in 1983. He received Bible College training in Kenya at the Bungoma IBM. He began Victory Living Word Church in a Muslim community called Kawempe, on the north side of the capital city Kampala in 1992. Today there are 32 VLWC’s under his leadership. Christ Fellowship has partnered in the last 15 church plants.

Pastor Johnson leads a local network of over 100 pastors. All of the Christ Fellowship pastor training conferences since 2008 have been in support of these pastors.

In 2006 land was purchased in Kapeeka, Nakaseke district in the bush country to build a holistic village project with all level schools, a clinic, trade school, orphanage, global worker housing, Bible school, agriculture and sports fields. Christ Fellowship is working closely with VLWC to support this long-term project.