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Become A Global Worker

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How to Become a Global Worker with Christ Fellowship

Inquire – Phase 1

Who should read this?

  • Are you interested in serving God full-time on the mission field?
  • Do you feel God may be calling you to take the Gospel across cultural and geographic boundaries?
  • Are you wondering if God might have a role for you as a global worker through Christ Fellowship’s Church-Based Direct Sending Program?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, the Inquirer Program at Christ Fellowship may be a good place for you to start.

The purpose of the Inquirer program is to aid folks in the Christ Fellowship Family to prepare for service in global ministries. It is designed to help confirm God’s call to full-time service and to lay the ground work for future ministry.

How to use this guide

Use this guide as a resource to explore God’s will for your future and how it may relate to Christ Fellowship.

The first step is to read the section on the mission, vision and strategic focus of Christ Fellowship Global Ministries.

The second step is to consult with the Pastor of Missional Life and decide if the Inquirer Program is right for you.

The third step is to use the Check List to move through the process.

Global Projects of Christ Fellowship

Check List

  • Submit paperwork
    • Inquirer Application
  • Meet with appointed coach and develop the following plans
    • Personal development plan which may include:
      • The Perspectives Course
      • The Intro to Panorama
      • Personal Bible Study
    • Personal ministry plan which may include:
      • Short Term Mission Trip
      • Engagement in local cross-cultural outreach opportunities. (Contact Rafe Wright at for current opportunities.)

Following completion of the check list, you may decide to pursue the path of an official global worker with Christ Fellowship’s Church-Based Direct Sending program serving in Asia or Africa. In this case you can apply for entrance into the Candidate – Phase 2 program.

But God may lead you in other directions and your coach can help you determine your next step.

The Global Ministries Vision at Christ Fellowship

People helping people find and follow Christ, by crossing cultural or linguistic barriers.

Global Projects of Christ FellowshipLong-term Focus: Invest people and money over long periods of time to see missional breakthroughs. Christ Fellowship has chosen to narrowly focus its resources in strategic areas.

Our conviction is that it is better stewardship to have a rifle-like focus rather than take a shotgun approach to investing in global missions. So, our long-term commitment of money and people goes to two specific areas in

  • Asia
  • Africa

Short-term Opportunities: A key value at Christ Fellowship is that our members get their hands dirty in cross-cultural ministry. So, we do short-term projects of one to two weeks to further the work of our partners in areas of focus

Christ Fellowship also maintains many short-term trip opportunities outside our main areas of focus.

Local opportunities: As part of our value for getting our hands dirty, we seek to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries in our own hometown.

Two of the opportunities to do this are:

  • Teaching English as a Second Language Classes in East McKinney
  • Hosting International Students at local universities.

Candidate - Phase 2  Commissioned - Phase 3

For questions or more information contact Rafe Wright at