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Commissioned – Phase 3

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How to Become a Global Worker with Christ Fellowship

Commissioned – Phase 3

Who should read this?

  • Have you completed Christ Fellowship’s Candidate – Phase 2 program or equivalent?
  • Are you seeking final approval by Christ Fellowship to go to the field as a Commissioned Global Worker?

If you answer yes to these questions, this guide will help you go through process of being sent by Christ Fellowship as a global worker.

Global Projects of Christ Fellowship

How to use this guide

Use this guide as a resource to complete your preparation for full-time global ministry and be commissioned by Christ Fellowship an official global worker.

The first step is to consult with the Pastor of Missional Life and obtain permission to enter the Candidacy Program.

For the next step, use the following check list to guide you through the process of approval and commissioning.

Check List

For persons having completed Candidate – Phase 2

  • Global Projects of Christ FellowshipComplete the Global Ministries Leadership Team Interviews
  • Request approval from the Global Missions Leadership Team (GMLT) to become a candidate as a Christ Fellowship Global Worker. Upon approval, you will be recommended to the Elders for the official commissioning.
  • Meet with your appointed Coach and refine your “Global Worker’s Plan and Objectives”
  • Complete Practical Training Plan (if not already done)
  • Complete the Pre-Commission Mission Trip (if not already done)
  • Make the final determination of ministry location and city team you will be joining. Verify the invitation from the city team.
  • Work with the Pastor of Missional Life for timing of transition to 100% global worker status.
  • Raise 100% of your support for deployment.

Inquire - Phase 1  Candidate - Phase 2

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