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Church Planting Residency Program

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Church Planting Residency Program

The Christ Fellowship Church Planting Residency Program is a collaborative effort of Christ Fellowship and the “one” with a calling to plant a church(es) through an agreed upon series of steps designed to bless, equip and prepare the church planter for a successful church plant.

At each step in the process, Christ Fellowship and the church planter will evaluate our progress toward a future commitment of beginning a Christ Fellowship church plant, which embodies Our Identity (DNA) and seeks to uphold the value of ongoing relational connectivity, shared learning and multilateral support.

Inquirer Phase

This phase focuses on getting to know each other, building relationships broadly across the staff and learning how Christ Fellowship lives out its DNA in daily ministry.

The church planter will be given a list of action items centered around one-on-one meetings with key staff.

This phase will end with a multi-day Behavioral Assessment and several assigned online tools.

Candidate Phase

This phase focuses on building into the church planter for his benefit and the Kingdom’s gain.

Christ Fellowship and the church planter will begin working towards a deepening relationship designed to be ongoing and relationally connected through shared values, centrist theological agreement, and a desire to remain in a vibrant connected family of churches who mutually support, encourage and share resources.

This phase will target ministry specific items related to the type of projected church plant and based on the ministry growth needs of the church planter as surfaced in the assessment process and from his references.

Commission Phase

This phase focuses on an official commissioning by Christ Fellowship elders for the new church plant. It will encompass all items related to location selection, timing of new church plant launch and a detailed project launch plan.


To find out more or to get involved in our Church Planting Residency Program, contact Rafe Wright at