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Jolene Balazs

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Jolene Balazs – E3 Partners Ministry | |

Jolene has been serving with e3 Partners Ministry for 5 years. Through training national believers how to story God’s Word in simple, accurate and reproducible stories, nationals are equipped to share God’s Word in their natural context. Through these culturally appropriate stories, people are evangelized, churches are planted and leaders are developed. As one Ethiopian woman who had been trained said, “It is good to have a hard copy of God’s Word, but it is even better to have a soft copy in your heart.” When she was in any given situation, she was able to “pull a story off the ledge of her heart” to share it with those around her. In many other places, it is illegal and dangerous to carry a Bible – having the stories in their hearts gets them into many places without danger.

Jolene, and her husband Jim, have been members of Christ Fellowship since 2010. From 1994-2012, Jolene helped lead 20+ short term teams to 13 countries on evangelistic humanitarian aid missions. In 2012, she joined e3 Partners with the Oral Strategy Team. Countries she has or is currently working in with e3 Partners are Russia, Jordan, Vietnam, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Panama.

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