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Join the Anna Launch Team!

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Join the Anna Launch Team!

At Christ Fellowship, we’re people helping people find and follow Christ and we’re taking that mission to Anna! The first services begin August 12. This move culminates from years of careful praying and planning. For this launch to be successful, it will require buy-in from everyone!

To get our campus up and running, we will need a team of volunteers and attenders committed to serve at our Anna location for a short period of time and welcome the community.

Specifically, we need 60/60/60! That’s…

60 people who will commit to attend and serve for 3 months.
60 people who will commit to attend and serve for 6 months.
60 people who will commit to attend and serve for 12 months.

Will you be a part of our launch team who will bring Christ Fellowship to the growing city of Anna?

Register here to be part of the excitement!


Join the 21 Days of Prayer, beginning Monday, July 23, as we countdown to the launch on August 12! Just subscribe to the Daily Word using the link below to receive each day’s prayer points in the inbox each morning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Christ Fellowship moving to a multisite model?
It’s hard to miss the unstoppable growth in North Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is adding over 150,000 residents a year. The epicenter of that growth is right here in Collin County. The population growth in cities like McKinney, Allen, Plano, and Frisco is already outpacing Dallas. City planners and development experts even expect the county’s population to surpass Dallas by 2050.

Over the past decade, God has placed a burden on the hearts of our elders and leaders to have a larger vision for reaching Collin County. While McKinney sits at the center of the region’s growth, we also know there are many people in the area who are not within reasonable driving distance of our current campus on Orchid at Eldorado.

With so many people moving here, a God-sized vision is required to reach them. For that reason, in 2017 Bruce laid out a new vision to multiply that includes the launch of new campuses across Collin County over the next 10 years.

How does this campus in Anna differ from the Preston church-plant that was launched several years ago?
Preston was a “campus to plant” model that eventually became Living Springs Church in Prosper. It was designed from the beginning to be a fully autonomous local church. Due to several unfortunate events, the leadership at Living Springs Church chose to disband the congregation in 2016.

In contrast, the Anna campus will be a full expression of Christ Fellowship, but in Anna, TX. Just as we have two services every Sunday morning but remain one church, the Anna campus will meet at a different location but remain one with those meeting in McKinney. And unlike the Preston campus, there are no plans for the Anna location to become its own autonomous church. It will remain under the authority and direction of Christ Fellowship’s leadership.

Why was Anna chosen as the location for the next campus?
Choosing the location for Christ Fellowship’s next campus was the subject of much prayer and consideration that began years ago. As the elders considered all the possibilities, Anna became the best candidate.

Anna is currently experiencing a flood of new residents as the suburbs to the south become landlocked and congested. City planners expect it to become the next major city as growth continues in Collin County. While just a 15 minute drive from our location in McKinney, a new campus in Anna allows Christ Fellowship to reach families in towns like Melissa, Van Alstyne, and even points further north.

Where will it meet?
Christ Fellowship has secured an agreement with the Anna Independent School District to hold services at Anna Middle School off Powell Rd. The Anna ISD and community leaders have been wonderful to work with throughout the process. We will have portable worship, children’s, hospitality, and signage systems that can be set up and disassembled each Sunday morning.

What will the experience be like for those attending?
It will be the same Christ Fellowship we experience today, just in a smaller setting! It will include a live worship service and on-site Promiseland for the children, utilizing the same curriculum as the McKinney campus. On Wednesday nights, CF Students will gather just as they do in Mckinney. The Sunday morning sermon will be broadcast from McKinney.

Which ministries will be present in Anna?
The Anna campus will feature fully developed ministries to children, students, and adults. This includes life groups. Attenders in Anna will also have access to all of the resources and materials enjoyed in McKinney. 

Who will lead the Anna campus?
The Anna campus will be led by Mark Wyatt. For years, Mark has served behind the scenes as our Church Planting Resident. He has previously pastored in the area and has proven to possess a heart for every individual he meets. In the early stages of the launch, he has gone out of his way to develop relationships in the Anna community and serve the city in tangible, practical ways.

Mark will be supported by an amazing team that will lead the various ministries in Anna.