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Middle School and High School – this your hub! Here is where you get the down-low on events, Bible and topic study groups, how to serve and who to know!

Can’t wait to meet you and you are gonna love being a part of Student Ministries!

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When do we meet?

High School and Middle School meet Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Why not Sunday?

A common question we get is, “Why don’t you have a youth service on Sunday morning for our teenager?”

The primary reason is that we want students to be an active part of the church. We want them to function in the larger church while they are teenagers so when they graduate from high school they will already have experience in serving and participating in the church.

Another reason is that we want students to be freed up to serve in any number of capacities on Sunday mornings such as Promiseland, ushering, greeting, worship team, and pretty much anything else you might see an adult serving. It is our belief that students have gifts and abilities to be used for the edification of the church and they should use those gifts now.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact Matt Thielepape at or 972.547.7006.

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Parents! Want to keep up with what your students are learning on Wednesday nights? Here’s our plans for each week.

1.10 – Missions
1.24 – Creation
1.31 – Morality and Ethics
2.7 – The Human Predicament
2.14 – The Holy Spirit’s Role in Missions
2.21 – The Holy Spirit’s Role in Missions – Documentary
2.28 – Radical Citizenship – Committed to the Kingdom
3.7 – Radical Citizenship – Living the Kingdom Now
3.21 – Radical Citizenship – The Coming Kingdom
3.28 – Why the Christian God? – Historical Value of the Bible
4.4 – Why the Christian God? – Uniqueness of Christianity
4.18 – Sensitive Topics – Relationships
4.25 – Sensitive Topics – Gender Identity
5.2 – Sensitive Topics – Panel Discussion
5.9 – Experiencing God – Bible Study Methods
5.16 – Hosea (Man’s Unfaithfulness vs. God’s Faithful Love)
5.23 – Habakkuk (Living by Faith in Times of Trouble)
5.30 – Senior Honor Night/Zephaniah (Judgment that Purifies)
6.6 – End of School Year Party