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Walk Middle School Conference

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“Walk” Middle School Conference | Sept. 29, 5:30 pm to Sept. 30, 3:00 pm

How do you walk out your relationship with God as you start this new school year?

A message from our speaker this year, Jon Ewton:

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in or belong?  Have ever wondered what you are meant for?  Often, we find ourselves wondering who we are or what we are created to do.  We find the answers to those questions in a lot of ways.  We look at what we are good at and were we are successful.  We listen to our parents and the people around us to get a sense for what we are meant for. We listen to friends, brothers, and sisters.  We even listen to people who don’t have our best interest at heart to discover what we are meant for.  There must be a better way than figuring out this incredibly important question.

This is our biggest annual event for middle school students – it’s a conference and lock-in all in one. Come enjoy worship, sessions, wild games, and there’s going to be a bubble… a BIG bubble!

Walk Middle School Conference

The night starts off with everyone together for worship and preaching, then the guys and gals separate for their own night of fun. Guys will spend the night at the church and the ladies will ladies will be transported to Cross Point Church for a fun sleepover!

Single registration is $45.
Cost includes: dinner Friday, breakfast and lunch Saturday, and lodging.

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What to Bring

Sleeping bag
Change of clothes
Dodgeball attire…if you dare.