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A Study of James

Church Online

A Study of James | Fall 2018

Wednesdays | 9:30-11:30 am
Thursdays | 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $10

Long before there was a whole category of books called “self-help,” the book of James was offering searing insights and practical instructions to Christians who wanted to grow and mature. Before celebrity authors promised secrets to “the good life,” James was giving radical guidance that can lead people to true peace and wholeness. Contrary to the way of the world, James teaches that the way up is actually down: to flourish, give generously; to win, practice peace; to come out on top, be humble. By applying the gospel to daily living, James shows us that the path to life begins at Jesus’ death on the cross.

Come alongside other women this fall as we commit to growing in our relationship with God by digging into a study of James that is sure to be personally challenging but ultimately enriching. We’ll invite James to teach us to live what we believe as followers of Jesus. Together we’ll learn to study the Scriptures better, engage with God more deeply and unite with each other as sisters who long to impact the world with the love of Christ.

This study will be taught by four women from Christ Fellowship: Lisa Scheffler, Shelley Frew, Amanda McMaster and Terah Weikamp. We’ll learn all together, but then break up into smaller groups for discussion and community. There will be weekly homework designed to help you learn to better understand and apply the Bible.This fall we will be meeting all together in a big group to study the book of James. Four of our ladies (Lisa Scheffler, Shelley Frew, Amanda McMaster and Terah Weikamp) will be teaching the study in a large group format, but we will break up into smaller groups for discussion and community.

Paid Childcare is available. Cost is $5/child with a maximum $15/family. Register here