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WorkLife – Living Faith at Work

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Living Faith at Work

If you’re like most people, work is where you spend the majority of your waking hours. Yet for many of us, work can be wearisome and draining.

But there is good news. God cares about your work and even sees it as a form of worship.

Millions of Christians look great on Sunday but switch God off by Monday morning – a distinct switch to “practical atheism!” We all know the feeling of this struggle. This challenge is at epidemic levels for the body of Christ. But what if Mondays were different for you?

We’ve partnered with to help you switch God on in your work!

Switch TOOL - email

Bi-weekly teaching and tools sent to you via email. These are sent out twice a week and are specially designed to encourage, inspire and challenge your life at work.

The SwitchTOOL is a self-directed coaching system — available 24/7 — a rich set of tools and resources that empower you to find and establish a work/life rhythm that brings joy and fulfillment. It’s like having your own spiritual work coach.


Monday Switch - kit

Monday Morning Atheist (book)
Monday morning atheist [noun]: Someone who believes in God but who works like he does not exist.
You are most likely struggling with Monday morning atheism right now without even knowing it. This revolutionary new book provides insights on this struggle and ways to stop switching God off at work. You will discover the three lies of Monday morning atheism and how to counteract them with God’s promises.

The Monday SWITCH (book and CD)
This multi-media, video-driven, interactive study leads you through an exhilarating journey of experiencing God’s purpose, peace and power in your work. It only requires six Mondays to switch your entire work life. Whether you hate your job or love it, God has more for you than you imagine. His desire is for you to thrive at work, not merely survive.

THESE ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE for $15 at our CF Store, inside Christ Fellowship

The Switch Quiz

We all have pesky (yet very serious) work issues that we struggle with, causing us to switch God off at work. Find your top three and see how you compare with others.


Other resources for living your faith at work

Christ Fellowship sermons
Represent Without Fear (Bruce B. Miller)
Work (Mark Wyatt)

Right Now Media videos
Work As Worship (J.D Greear)
Work As Worship (Matt Chandler)
Work As Worship (Dave Ramsey)
Redeeming Work (Andy Crouch)
My Work Matters (Andy Stanley)

Theology of Work
The Theology of Work Project answers the question “What does the Bible say about work?” by producing Bible commentary, topical articles, and audio/video resources that examine faith and work from a Christian perspective. The Bible and work are meticulously analyzed in our commentary, and lessons are driven home through case studies and videos. All of this material is available for free on