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Pray for McKinney

Church Online

A Call to Unity from Pastors in Collin County

Thank you to everyone who joined us for prayer at OneCommunity Church on Monday night.

Gathered to pray

Hundreds gather to pray in McKinney

Pastors gathered to pray

Pastors gathered for Prayer Gathering
at OneCommunity Church 

Praying for youth

Praying for the Youth in our Community

Talk reality

“If we’re going to talk reconciliation, we have to talk reality”

Teen shares her heart

Teenage girl shares her heart
for what she’d like to see McKinney look like

Women cries at Prayer Gathering

Women cries at Prayer Gathering

Standing for McKinney together in prayer

Standing for McKinney together in prayer

Brian Loughmiller at McKinney Pastors Meeting

Brian Loughmiller at McKinney Pastors Meeting

McKinney Mayor and Police Chief

Pastors praying for McKinney
Mayor and Police Chief

The Pastors of McKinney met with Mayor Brian Loughmiller and Police Chief Greg Conley Monday night, June 8, to discuss the sad recent incident involving police officers and a group of teenagers.

As spiritual leaders of our city, we are united in our stand against hatred, violence and racism. We call the leaders of our city, and the people of our community, to justice, peace and love.

Mayor Loughmiller and Chief Conley have pledged to an open and fair investigation to be carried out with all due speed, and to take effective action based on the outcome. They will also take proactive measures to bring and keep our community together.

We pray for McKinney to be a city that rises above prejudice and anger, to stretch out our hands across racial lines and embrace each other. We call the people of our churches to love their neighbors, especially those who are different from you in color, ethnicity or economy.

Jesus Christ came to our world to bring reconciliation. We, as ambassadors of reconciliation, bring the good news of the Gospel to hurting people, to a world in turmoil. Our focus is not our individual races, denominations or anything else, except Jesus Christ, in whose shed blood on the cross we are united as one family. Our sure hope is in the kingdom of God in which people of every tribe, nation and language share.

As brothers and sisters of different races and backgrounds, we are united in speaking with one voice. We worship one Savior. We serve one King. We honor the one Lord Jesus Christ. In his name we call our community to prayer to the Triune God in whom is our confidence, to love each other as we have been loved, and to forgive as we have been forgiven.

May our great God transform this incident for his good.

With one common heart and vision, in the Name of Jesus,

The Pastors of McKinney, Texas