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Clothe A Child

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Clothe A Child

Clothe A Child was created right here at Christ Fellowship seventeen years ago. Today we’re adapting it to better reach our under-resourced children in ways that address a families challenges holistically without shame or undermining human dignity. Fundamentally, the change is from a yearly one-time shopping event, to a year-round ministry which fosters a more relational approach to walking with the materially poor as they learn to steward their own lives and families, as God intends for all he created as Image Bearers. This change enables us to restore dignity, express human kindness and to empower those families and children we serve.

How It Works

Christ Fellowship supports our adopted school Webb Elementary as they offer SUCCESS workshops. Webb families, who attend one of these SUCCESS workshops and meet certain financial criteria, are eligible for the Clothe a Child ministry.

Clothe a Child will now become deeply relational. The Christ Fellowship team (Volunteers needed) will meet with families here at Christ Fellowship; get to know them and their story. We will help connect them to appropriate ministries for long-term help. We will share the hope we have in Christ with all families we meet with.

Christ Fellowship will then provide gift card/vouchers to encourage a dignified shopping experience for the families. Children and their families will be able to shop on their own schedule at Kohl’s McKinney. This allows us to build on-going relationships with families to reward these behaviors:

1) significant grade progress
2) substantial conduct improvement
3) improved school attendance
4) neighborhood engagement

Why not the one day events?

The feedback from families was growing louder and louder, that the one day shopping event was not a positive experience for the recipients: shame, embarrassment, loss of dignity, lower self-esteem, a sense of worthlessness, viewed as objects of pity and feelings of inferiority.

Who Benefits?

Many children come from homes with annual incomes of less than $10,000. This includes children of incarcerated fathers or mothers as well as Webb Families. The median income in our area is more than eight times that much.

  • A full-time minimum wage job grosses only $14,500 annually.
  • MISD has 1049 homeless students
  • 31% of MISD Students receive Free-Reduced Breakfast & Lunch
  • Children of incarcerated fathers or mothers

For many of these kids, this is the first time they have shopped for their own new clothes & shoes. Generally they get by with second-hand clothes purchased from a thrift shop or donated throw-ways from affluent well-meaning citizens.

Christ Fellowship’s Clothe a Child year-round goal is to raise $40,000 to clothe over 400 at-risk under-resourced children. We will need everyone to make a real difference in the lives of the next generation. No tax-deductible gift is too small. Every hard-earned dollar is important. The family applications are reviewed, using strict guidelines provided by MISD school free lunch program.

For more information please contact Rafe Wright

Volunteer to be on the Clothe-a-child team at